United Beekeepers of Alberta

The face of beekeeping has changed dramatically in the last decade. We have experienced a resurgence in direct-marketing and value-added beekeeping operations, with many of these being run on a smaller scale. We have also seen dramatic growth in urban beekeeping, micro-scale beekeeping and hobby beekeeping, and farmers seeking to diversify their operations by adding bee hives to their farms.

At the same time, Alberta’s largest operators have grown their hive numbers and many of the older beekeepers, who ran several hundred hives for decades, have been retiring, with no one of the same scale replacing them.

UBA is being created to support all the beekeepers in Alberta: the ones bringing their new marketing ideas and management perspectives with them, and our established beekeepers whose skills and experience with cold-climate beekeeping are rivalled by few in the world.

We recognize the contributions that all beekeepers make to the industry and community, regardless of hive numbers. As a provincial organization, our focus is on supporting beekeepers through education, building businesses and marketing our products with an eye to the future.

Activities and services we re planning for beekeeping operations of all sizes are:

  • Encouraging and supporting beekeeping and beekeepers throughout Alberta while recognizing the diverse geographic regions, beekeeping goals, beekeeper skills and experiences present in the province;

  • Supporting international and domestic marketing initiatives of honey, value-added products and innovative hive products;

  • Supporting the development of bee breeders in Alberta;

  • Providing broad learning opportunities for beekeepers, from teaching beginners basic beekeeping skills to providing guidance on scaling operations from a few dozen to a few hundred or thousand hives; and,

  • Serving as a link between the beekeepers of Alberta and the government on matters pertinent to the beekeeping industry.

In summary, we support diversity in the beekeeping industry. We support bee breeders, bee sellers, honey producers, pollinators, value-added operations, packers and processors, and passionate backyard beekeepers who love talking about bees to anyone and everyone. We invite everyone with an interest or stake in the beekeeping world to become a member of this exciting new organization.

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