August 10, 2018. 


Are you interested in beekeeping? Are you worried about the survival of all the different sorts of bees in our province? You can get involved. There's a new provincial bee association that would love to hear from you.

Beekeeping (and pollinators in general) are important to Alberta's crops and flowers. Alberta is the best place in Canada to keep bees. Hives make a lot of honey, beekeepers are serious about keeping bees healthy and alive, and Alberta honey is prized around the world. It’s not surprising that a big new beekeeping organization has started to help coordinate the busy beekeepers. The United Beekeepers of Alberta (UBA) includes all beekeepers – commercial and hobby, rural and urban – plus fans of bees and pollinators. This new bee group will hold its first general conference and organizing business meeting in Calgary on Saturday, September 29th.

Everyone is invited to attend the conference. The morning starts with bee experts talking about keeping bees healthy, ensuring good pollination for gardens and crops, using exciting new technology for monitoring and helping bees, producing organic honey production, selling honey on international markets, and much more. Throughout the conference, vendors will showcase their wares. Later in the afternoon, the UBA will hold its first-ever business and organization meeting. Finally, the day wraps up with an informal meet, greet, and brag session.

Although Alberta has many fine bee groups, this is the first province-wide association which is open to all hobby, sideline, and commercial beekeepers and bee enthusiasts everywhere in the province. Other organizations are designed for specific localities (city bee clubs, for example) or limited to commercial beekeepers with over 100 hives. The UBA has attracted the attention of all friends of the bees and welcomes everyone to participate in bee discussions, the business of beekeeping, and the ecology of the bees’ environment. If you have an interest in bees – and especially if you keep bees! – the United Beekeepers of Alberta welcomes and needs your participation. To learn more, please check our website,, or give a call to Liz at 403-208-2475.