United Beekeepers of Alberta
A voice for all Alberta beekeepers

Inaugural Meeting
Everyone is welcome and there is something for
 everyone -- commercial, beginner, naturalist
September 29, 2018
Parkdale Community Centre
3512 5th Ave NW, Calgary

Doors open at 8 AM

Hall capacity is limited
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Dr. Andony Melathopoulos
The Oregon Bee Project: Working Together to Protect Pollinator Health

Dr. Steve Pernal
Research Update from Beaverlodge Research Farm
Simon Lalonde
Organic Beekeeping in Saskatchewan
Dr. Medhat Nasr
 Dealing with Honey Bee Beasts - AFB, Varroa and Nosema
Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk

In conversation with Allen Dick -- Jerry's unique career in research
Viruses, CCD , DARPA projects, Confined Queen Mating, Finding Landmines and IEDs with Honey Bees,
Training Bees to Know People, Anti-theft Strategies, Affordable Hive Monitoring Devices -- and more. 

Dr. Shelley Hoover
Comparison of single versus double brood chamber colonies for pollination

Ron Miksha
Why is Alberta so good for beekeeping?

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Meeting Schedule
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            9:55 am - 10:30                          To be Announced

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